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All the latest Bitcoin Cash news presented this week by Roger Ver, CEO of and Corbin Fraser, one of the lead developers at

This episode discusses the upcoming CoinsBank cruise where Roger will be debating Jimmy Song, Bitmain showing they hold over 1 million bitcoin cash, Jihan Wu and their upcoming IPO, blockstream creating FUD, nchain’s SV launch, HandCash POS & much more!

Show Notes

► attending CoinsBank Mediterranean Cruise

Roger scheduled to debate Jimmy Song and others (Tone Vays, Charlie Lee)

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CoinsBank Cruise Competition:

►Bitmain balance sheet reveal shows they hold over $600 million Bitcoin Cash.

►Bitmain announce upcoming IPO

►nChain to launch a new BCH full node implementation “Bitcoin SV

► HandCash launch POS
Handcash Launches Pop — A New BCH Point-of-Sale Companion Application

Check it out:

► Vitalik Buterin backs Bitcoin Cash as adoptable/the future of cryptocurrency
“I want to be able to walk into a convenience store, get a card and pay a small fee to start using Bitcoin Cash. Allowing people to use small amounts of cryptocurrency for everyday use is valuable within crypto, and also particularly for use cases of blockchain that go beyond crypto…… Buterin noted.”

Vitalik Wants to use Bitcoin Cash at Convenience Store, Asks for Regulatory Openness

► Launch of, a freelancer’s marketplace fueled by Bitcoin Cash -Fiverr for BCH

► Launch of newly revamped Bitcoin Cash charts portal focusing on Bitcoin Cash. Huge shoutout to Joey Postma for his hard work on those.

► launched – where we’re raising funds to support Defense Distributed and Cody Wilson. Also supporting EatBCH and of course SIGN THE PETITION!

► EatBCH continuing to feed folks at displaced persons camps in South Sudan
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►In quirky hyperregulation news, straw bans are spreading across the globe

► CDC report indicates that the war on drugs is leading to more deaths

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