Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Kagoshima and Okinawa will be on Sakura TV starting 6pm Australia and 8pm NZ

Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Kagoshima and Okinawa will be on Sakura TV showing tourist spots, interesting food, outdoor activities and cultural highlights. This area is part of Kyushu, Southern most Japan, offers many unique things related to sea and mountain for the last thousands of years history. If you visited Japan’s Golden Route (Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto) already, this area is one of must on your next trip to Japan.

Sakura TV helps the Australia and New Zealand public understand Japanese culture, food, history, nature, arts, tourism, language, Anime, Cosplay, J-Pops, current news by showing only Japan-related media contents via broadcast by advanced Internet streaming TV system, creating more inbound tourists to Japan and helping mutual understanding between both countries.

コンテンツを英語or英語字幕にて放送する世界唯一のクールジャパン配信放送 サービス会社です。
東京からライブニュース、娯楽番組、ドキュメンタリー、都道府県市町村観光PR映像、訪日観光関連企業PR映像、英語化された 旅番組等(テレビ朝日提供、旅サラダ国内版、BS Fuji提供Esprit Japon)、農林水産省日本産食材映像、2020Tokyo Olympic and Paralympics広報映像、国立公園映像、日本語24時間ニュース、英語による日本語勉強24時間サービスなど4チャンネル体制で無料放送サービスを行っています。
訪日外国人誘致目的の各種映像を豪州、ニュージーランド両国にて放送すること により両国から日本を訪れる観光客数増加を目指し、日本の地域創成、経済活性化への手助けとなり、相互理解を育む事を会社理念としております。
2020年東京オリンピック・パラリンピック (2021年7月開催決定) 、

4 channels free to watch 24/7 service are; 4チャンネル24時間体制です;

CH1 = NHK World showing 24 hours of Japan by live feed from Tokyo.
The most reliable current international and domestic news on every hour.
Docos, cookings, J-pops, Sumo tournament highlights and many more
interesting programs.
CH1=NHK World 英語放送、NHKから世界に向けて発信している24時間放送、

CH2 = Sakura Channel showing 24 hours of tourism about Japan including
food, culture, nature, festivals, history, etc. Watched by people in both countries
who are thinking to visit Japan. Effective source of information to see Japan
than paper brochures.
CH2=Sakuraチャンネル 日本各地の観光、食、文化、歴史、祭り、自然、

CH3 = JapaNews24 showing Japanese current news in Japanese language
presented by TV Asahi of Tokyo. The best source of current news in their
native language for Japanese residents in both countries. Japanese tourists
who are in both countries to be informed what is happening back home.
CH3=JapaNews24 テレ朝が提供している世界向け日本語ニュース24時間。

CH4 = LearnJapanese POD101 showing English teacher teaching basic
Japanese Language. One of the best free streaming Japanese language tool
For students who are studying Japanese or Asian Study in both countries.
Good way to learn basic Japanese before visiting Japan. Or Japanese
people who are studying English in both countries.

Viewers are not required to register, just visit website at www.sakuratv.com
and click to watch anytime, anywhere and anyone with internet capable
smart phone, tablet, PC or LED TV, using WiFi recommended.
All contents are G rated, whole family can enjoy.

両国民は何時でも、何処でも、誰でも無料でSakura TVを観る事が出来ます。

Service available Australia and New Zealand only (geoblocked)

Sakura TV viewers are who;like Japan, planning to visit Japan, like Japanese food, been to Japan, studying Japanese, like travel, like Asia, like Anime, like Cosplay, like Manga, works for travel agency, works for Japanese company,
eat at Japanese restaurant, love Izakaya so many Japan fans watch us.

サクラテレビの視聴者は、日本が好き、日本に行く、和食がすき、日本に行った、日本語勉強中、旅行が好き、アジア圏に興味ある、アニメファン、漫画ファン、  コスプレ、旅行代理店勤務、日系商社勤務、izakaya が好き、などなど多くの   “ジャパンファン”が視聴者です。
連絡先 info@sakuratv.com
Sakura TVは一切の政治、暴力、宗教偏見、人種差別および性的表現の映像は

We obtain copy rights from various copy right holders for screening their video clips. If you find us showing your video contents without copy right holder’s authorization, please let us know, we will remove them immediately from our service. All video clips provided to us are not edited, cut or sold to third party.
Contact at; info@sakuratv.com
Sakura TV will not broadcast any contents of political, violence, religious hate,
racism, or sexual materials.

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